September 30, 2014

Smiles in the oddest places...

I cannot belief that July is now done but as far as months go I’m not sorry to see that one end. It came with some unpleasant unexpecteds. But then, that could happen again this month so instead of looking at those unpleasant unexpected I’m focusing on the pleasant unexpected.

There are times we do something so ordinary, so common that we rarely really even think about what we’re doing; we’re simply doing what is normal for us. Its summer in the Coachella Valley and that means it’s hot, hot, hot. Not a whole lot of hot foods being consumed in my home right now, don’t want to turn that oven on unless I have to; so thankful for counter grills, crock pots and cool foods.

So I get a plate of what a friend of mine used to refer to an “nummins”, a mix of cut fresh veggies, cold chicken or boiled eggs, pickle and some crackers; maybe a little dressing on the side. It is a nice cool, refreshing and relatively healthy plate of nourishment in this summer heat.

I pour a nice glass of wine and sit down to the table and here it comes the pleasant unexpected, as the wheat thin cracker come to my lips, I smile. It is not the cracker my mind’s eye is focused on but two cute little faces that I introduced wheat thins to in the month of July. One soon to turn 5 and one soon to turn 3, I had just met them yet we took to each other rather easily, most likely because their Nana is my sister.

As they headed home and I knew I would be leaving and do not know when I’ll see them again a little voice says “I sure wish we had your crackers at our house”, I promised I’d email her Mom the name of them so she could have them.

Little faces eating, little hands sharing, as I lift the cracker to my lips, in only the way God can do, He somehow made a cracker something so very special. The unexpected pleasantness.

Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”


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