July 13, 2017

Oh The Joys!

The world has become a place where I cry more often at acts of kindness then I do the atrocities, kindness is a dying thing.  Some say “no good deed goes unpunished” it is a world of me, me, me. When the world of takers takes you and starts to pull you down there is one thing and only one thing to do and that is go up.

Hunker into that favorite spot, turn off the noise, the TV, Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, and get out of “I” and into the great “I AM”.  Grab hold of the Holy Bible and go away with Him by yourself "to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Taste and see that the LORD is good.
Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him!
Psalm 34:8