May 15, 2016

Menopause, a poem by LJM

She sometimes makes your eyes roll and you just don’t understand
The fact that her hormones are slipping through her hand

She wakes each morning although in a fog

She never really sleeps anymore like that proverbial "log"

She eats very little yet gains quite the pounds

The scale jumps up and the needle goes round

How does the number rise so fast with just a few meals

Its like the her metabolism has stalled at the wheel

Don't get me started about keeping fit
The hour long aerobics doesn't seem to do a bit

The work days seem longer yet sadly mine are shorter
How is it by the end all I have energy for is watching "Hoarders"*?

As each day comes to a close she wonders where it went 
It started up early but then the time was all spent

She takes a deep breath and looks for her keys 

Wonders about dinner and sees the skin drooping at her knees

Some might say it all comes with age
That menopause is just a new page 

But what it is really is quite a thought,

Yes, oh what it is really, is....

Oh dang...she forgot.

Linda J Matsko © 2016


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