February 3, 2016

He knows...

Last night in our small group study time of Ephesians 3, the question was raised of why God chose that time to reveal the mystery to Paul. We mostly landed on the concept of God’s timing.

This morning in my time with the LORD the reading took me to the book of Exodus and a verse stuck out to me. Reading Exodus 2:25 in the the New Living Translation:

“He looked down on the people of Israel and knew it was time to act.”

I looked into other translations of the same verse and the wording is “concerned about them” (WEB), “understood” (MSG), “the time had come for their rescue” (TLB). What I found very interesting and so GOD is a footnote on this verse in the The Living Bible, the literal translation of this phrase is that God “knew their condition”.

I love that He knows our condition and that He does indeed know when to act and what that action should be, in the case of the revealing of the mystery in Ephesians 3 we’re looking at action that is good and for our good.

Yet, I dig further into my thoughts I think of the things that pass through His hands before it comes to us that aren’t so good yet are good for us. The addict that finally hits rock bottom and realizes the only way out is Up. The loss of some “thing” that causes a struggle when it’s first gone but then shows it was being held too tightly and taking us from what matters above all, taking us away from The All.

I love that He knows our condition and that He will act accordingly, timely. Old Testament, New Testament, He knows us, He always has, He always will, He knows what we need and as we talked in our time last night He knows when we need Him, indeed, He knows the best “time to act”.

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