November 21, 2015

My List....

I woke up this morning with a million things to do...ok that may be an exaggeration but you know what I mean, that list of the every day ordinary stuff that has to be done because, well, frankly, I was down to one roll of toilet paper and 4 eggs....I had let my cupboard go bare...I had, for too long, put off the shopping, the cleaning, the errands and well there you have it, that "list".

I woke later than I like but needed the rest so I wasn't beating myself up about that, but I wanted to hit the road running, checking things off the list, getting things done but then I was reminded of breakfast, the most important meal of the day, the best breakfast ever...stop and sit with the LORD.

Bible, journal, devotional and Jackson (my cat) all gathered together on the balcony, I sit and pray and read His word and give Him this I was there I had to confess to Him that my "list" was distracting me, I almost caved in and hit the road.  Then I was reminded of something good that happened and I began to write and thank Him and we began to talk and I began to relax.  The time was wonderful, I prayed for calm and help and you know what? During this time, my cupboard was filled, oh, not the pantry but my soul, with peace.

Now the time had come and the list had to be reordered due to time commitments. And together He and I hit the road running, the "list" got done in record time, I actually had a good time at Trader Joe's (the happiest place for adults, so that is normal), Walmart, and Costco, I am home, the list is much smaller, the day is much lighter.

Makes sense though, a day with Him would be a day Lighter.

"Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days."  Psalm 90:14 (NIV)


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