December 27, 2014

Matthew - A servant's heart

As the car was being unloaded by hands of many a little voice said “I want to help.”  Finding a task, he began, this little boy, Matthew, one bottle in each hand, handing out water to the homeless.  Walking from the case of water to the people, back and forth, back and forth…until everyone had water.

As the message of the birth of Christ was given, Matthew and his friends played, chasing each other and giggling, a palm frond that had fallen to the ground was the ‘toy’ that provided the entertainment and squeals from the children.  When the message was done and the food came to the table, the little voice again, “I want to help.”

As the assembly line loaded the plates the server’s passed them out to those there that night, Matthew going back and forth still.  A servant’s heart is definitely in Matthew. 

Often times people think that there is nothing they can do, perhaps because of their age or circumstances or past.  Well, take a tip from Matthew and just start helping, a little boy, so small that his two hands could only carry two waters, yet he served that whole group.  He didn't let his size or circumstance stop him, there wasn't a wonder in him of what he could he do he just did. 

A total of about 10 volunteers singing, teaching, going back and forth, what’s so special about Matthew?  All were there to serve, did serve and no doubt have servant’s hearts!   What a blessing they all were!  So why point out Matthew? 

Matthew was one of the homeless that the others had come to serve.  Yet he came not to be served (he took his food with him at the end of the night), but to serve.  

Remind you of anyone? 

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