September 7, 2014

You must realize . . .

As I stood yesterday listening to David tell of the triumphs and concerns of the ministry and how he spoke of those they serve, a thought came to mind. 

As the morning progressed, faces coming in that I hadn't seen in too long, boxes being made to receive the blessing for faces we don't all always see, plastic and cardboard and food and fellowship abounding . . . I thought, I hope he realizes...I hope all missionaries and their families realize...

You see ministries often talks of the lives being changed by Christ out in the trenches, if you will.  Yet there's a different demographic being blessed.  The volunteers.  We're not there because we need food to eat, we're there, in part, to help provide that for others.  Yet, God is indeed filling a need in us - those that it seems have no unmet needs. 

Someone once said 'If you've got a pulse, you've got a purpose'.  Volunteering takes us outside of the daily grind, yes, our employment provides for others is some way, and for many, careers are very fulfilling, yet . . .

By giving us the privilege and honor to serve the Lord along side of you, even if for a few hours a month, we find that purpose, that pulse...we find a heart.

You must realize, you two David's, Gary and your families much you bless us...the volunteer.

Thank you for all you do for all you encounter.


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