August 9, 2014

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A Mother's Love

Yesterday a young lady I work with had a visitor, her 7 month old boy. Oh so sweet, his Mom is one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet so it’s no surprise he’s equally as mild mannered.

Our offices spread out over a couple of miles and since he was only making an appearance with us, I took photo with my phone and sent it out via email to the other offices.

After he was back in the car, headed off to his next adventure, I look again at the picture but this time my focus is not on him but on his Mom. That look on her face, in her eyes, as she looking at him in her arms. There’s a Mother’s love in her eyes. My eyes well up at that love, I’m not a Mom, but I’ve known a Mom’s love.

As I listen to my sisters and friends talk about their kids I see it in their eyes, whether it’s joy at the pleasures or tears at the sorrows, that love shines through their eyes. There is nothing like it. I see it in my nieces as they interact with my great-nieces and I am amazed by it, this unique wonderful love.

Year ago the movie the “Passion of the Cross” made me, for the first time, look at Mary as not the Holy Mother of God, but as Jesus’ Mom. At His birth the angels and shepherds rejoiced and spread the word “And Mary treasured up all these things in her heart”. Later in Jesus’ life, at about 12 years old, they all went to the Feast and Jesus separated from his family. They found him 3 days later in the temple courts sitting and listening and asking questions with the teachers. Luke 2:47 tells us that “Everyone who had heard him was amazed at His understanding and His answers”. And again we’re told, “Mary treasured all these things up in her heart”.

And that is what I see in the eyes of Moms, in this photo that I gaze at, a Mother’s love, moments being treasured away in her heart.