February 8, 2014

1950 v 2014

First published in 1950, A.W. Tozer wrote:  "The world's artificial pleasures are all but evidence that the human race has to a large extent lost its power to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and is forced to substitute for them false and degrading thrills."

As I read those words I wondered, if he were here today would he be shocked or would his thoughts just be confirmed.

As I sat in my time with the Lord this morning, the sun starting to rise, the power of those words rushed over me.  Thankful for those simple pleasures of life when I realize the beauty of the silence at that time of day.  My walk to and from the kitchen to refresh the coffee I take pause and see the horizon begin to light up.  Jackson jumping up beside me for a back rub and purr and I see the amazing markings on his face. 

No TV, no cell phone, no computer, no music, just God and His creations. 

I think back to growing up in Grassflat, the house I grew up in had a balcony and I loved to sit out there and read in the evening, the neighbor teasing me "Quit trying to fool us into thinking you can read!" :-)  If the phone rang you had to go downstairs to get it.  A large family there was the decision of what we would watch together on TV, we didn't all have a TV, so we actually sat in a room together.  If you couldn't remember the name of the actor you were watching you had the choice of checking the magazine TV Guide or just racking your brain for their name.  I miss the moments when it finally pops into your head and it blurts out and those you're with all go "Ohhhhhh you're right!".  Music had to be tuned in on the radio station and if the static was too bad, no music.  Sometimes just silence or sometimes lovely conversation.

Oh conversation, years ago I was disappointed in the lost art of note writing, getting and giving a hand written note to this day is one of my sweet pleasures (I've got to ween away from emails and begin that again).  Now I miss the art of conversation, seeing a cell phone creep out while with people frankly creeps me out.

As I drove today, heading west on 48th, I looked at the mountains that surrounds us and wondered, how many of the people out for their morning walk are too consumed by their texting, emails and smart phones that they are missing it. 

Missing the true pleasures of life.


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