September 12, 2013

The Simple things . . .

The simple things thrill me…
1.       Waking rested
2.       Jackson settled on his chair just people and bird watching
3.       This balcony to sit on and enjoy a cool September morning
4.       Fresh grapes
5.       Hot coffee
6.       The sun rising
7.       The silence of a neighborhood still asleep
8.       Sophie the Yorkie downstairs and her sweet little prance
9.       The jade plants growing
10.   Caring and kindness
11.   A clean apartment
12.   2 more pound off…getting closer J
13.   A simpler haircut
14.   Lotion
15.   Bubble baths
16.   Candles
17.   Revelations
18.   The shade trees
19.   A painting
20.   Soothing harp cd
21.   Did I mention it’s COOL outside – I know I did but it needs repeating
22.   Another summer almost done
23.   Good books
24.   Silly things that make us smile suddenly
25.   Trader Joe’s Orange mineral water
26.   Trader Joe’s anything (I think THAT is the happiest place on earth!)
27.   Last Friday, for dinner, I had French fries…just French fries.   
28.   This final year of the 40s
29.   Plans of Italy
30.   God’s plans of me, His words, “I know what I’m doing.”
31.   Great Bible teachers, messages, pastors…
32.   Brandt and Sherri (Air1) for an afternoon chuckle or two or three or….
33.   Today
34.   Things that make me realize I’m not as young as I think I am
35.   Things that make me realize I’m not as old as I think I am
36.   Apple fritters
37.   Sitting here, typing a list of things simple pleasures
38.   Clean fresh water
39.   Electricity
40.   Breathing
41.   Walking
42.   Leaning back in the chair, eyes closed, mind off
43.   Emails from Andy, Ag, Aud…Tena…
44.   Phone calls at just the right time
45.   Cinnamon toast
46.   Tarragon
47.   Fresh sheets
48.   Soft towels
49.   Broken in jeans
50.   Bare feet…
Go ahead, make your own list, it’s refreshing J

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