June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Tomorrow is Father's day and I'm one of those that doesn't really remember her Daddy.  Daddy passed away when I was 6 so my memories of him are, well, one.  One vivid memory that in a way I cherish.

As I remember it, and siblings if you're reading this and you don't remember it, indulge me.  Daddy worked with the coal mines, a driver I believe.  After work he'd sit on this greenish bench, storage thing that I think one of my brother's made in "shop".  He would read the paper and drink a beer.  Occasionally he'd share a sip with me...

My one vivid memory of him is one time, as he sat on the bench, newspaper raised to read it, I stood on the other side of the paper just waiting for him.  He lowers the paper and says "Go get your cup."  I run into the 'pantry' Mom hands me a thermal cup, one of those that you get with a 'fillup' at the local gas station.  I run back and he gives me a splash and we share a beer.

This occasion and memory of it makes me smile.

Happy Father's day to all you Dad's who make your little girls smile...still.


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