June 29, 2013


I read an article on Hope this morning in In Touch Magazine* and this particular part touched on my week past and the task of the day: "so go ahead and praise the Lord today for these promises - ample mercies for every woe. Woe is never wasted because of what it produces. It confirms that hope in God...is a gift and a grace.

"ample mercies for every woe", my woe, the car troubles (over heating), my mercies: Aida and Tena so graciously driving me to and from work the past three days, an understanding boss, the fact that at very last minute Goodyear LaQuinta is able to take it in today, that the Lord got me and the car safely there this morning first thing and the surprise offer for them to give me a ride back home as it's going to be there all day, Manny the driver who finds it wild that I've lived in this apartment for 18+ years.......this home, this car, a day to rest in His presence.  Oh and today begins a week off for me...

The last sentence of the article "That's more than good. It's divine."

My ROCK is my hope; have a blessed day everyone.


June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Tomorrow is Father's day and I'm one of those that doesn't really remember her Daddy.  Daddy passed away when I was 6 so my memories of him are, well, one.  One vivid memory that in a way I cherish.

As I remember it, and siblings if you're reading this and you don't remember it, indulge me.  Daddy worked with the coal mines, a driver I believe.  After work he'd sit on this greenish bench, storage thing that I think one of my brother's made in "shop".  He would read the paper and drink a beer.  Occasionally he'd share a sip with me...

My one vivid memory of him is one time, as he sat on the bench, newspaper raised to read it, I stood on the other side of the paper just waiting for him.  He lowers the paper and says "Go get your cup."  I run into the 'pantry' Mom hands me a thermal cup, one of those that you get with a 'fillup' at the local gas station.  I run back and he gives me a splash and we share a beer.

This occasion and memory of it makes me smile.

Happy Father's day to all you Dad's who make your little girls smile...still.