April 20, 2013

A warm spring day, a baseball game sounds good....

I don't have cable but thanks to a little gadget on wifi I can watch 'the free game of the day' on MLB.com . . . Kansas vs. Boston.

As I begin to watch what is the first game at Boston since the bombings on Monday the opening ceremonies take me by surprise.  I just wasn't expecting it, I thought I had just clicked a button to watch a game.  But that click lead me to tears, that click lead me to pondering, to musings of this Christian woman.

Please remember, I have not gone to school to study the Bible, I study it on my own, I am not a theologian, I am a Christian woman merely musing along....some people have most likely this past week asked "Why does God let these things happen?".  As I watch the opening ceremonies I ponder...

I see the man who was having lunch, heard an explosion and ran to help.

I see a man injured by that explosion and through the help of doctors and nurses just 5 days later was able to be at the game, walk out onto the field on his own steam.

I see a team Hoyt who participated in their 30th Boston marathon this year they got one mile to the finish this year before the first explosion, they will be back in 2014.

Add in the countless first responders, police officers, politicians, lay people, citizens and runners just wanting to help and actually helping...and I muse.

Does it have to happen to move us into action? To take us outside of ourselves and into the world to love and care?  Does God allow it to happen (that "permissive will" we all step into from time to time) so we do what we're here for? 

And again I ask a question I've asked before.  Why do some blame God yet not thank Him? 

Thank Him for the man that heard the explosion and helped, for the doctors and nurses and hospitals that are still working to save, for the 73 year old man who still runs with his son, pushing him in a wheelchair, for the police, the FBI, the Mayors and Governors and President and lay people and citizens and runners and for the prayers of many from a distance?

I'm not a theologian.  I read and study the Bible, I love His words to us and I hope, I hope that before the time comes, I spring into action and do what I'm here for .... Pastor Rick Warren wrote it best.  "It's not about you" [me]."

For the heroes of Boston, Texas, and all around the world, in all things, I thank You God.


*logo found online at http://www.boston.com/sports/blogs/thebuzz/2013/04/how_to_get_the.html


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