August 18, 2012

Simple Pleasures~

  • Jackson, the gray stray that has stolen my heart
  • Shelby, the calico that has been my companion, friend and confidant for almost 15 years
  • The big stuffy chair that has cuddled me through so much
  • The quiet time basket, full of God's words and love and lessons and guidance
  • The balcony that beckons me daily to enjoy the outdoors
  • The American flag that reminds me of the blessing of Freedom and the men and women and their families that so selflessly give
  • The artwork of a rainy day, impressionist, yet so real I feel I could walk right into the street scene with the others
  • The kitchen where many a meals have been made and the friends that I've enjoyed
  • The green walls that Tena helped me pick the color for...her good eye for design
  • The seashells from Coronado, New Jersey, Florida
  • The blankets made by my Mom and my sister
  • The heart picture frame of Shelby, from Maureen
  • The ocean view from Coco Beach

I love how God can change my focus to the simple pleasures and bring such peace.

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